Special Restaurant Recommendations in Hamburg

Freudenhaus, Hein-Hoyer-Straße 7                                                                                                  A rustic interior combined with brisk and bold service invites you to start your evening on the “Reeperbahn”, the nightlife centre of Hamburg. German food like roast pork is offered. A perfect start for a long evening.                                                                                                      Main dishes: 10-22 €; by taxi: approx. 15 minutes

Zum alten Lotsenhaus, Övelgönne 13                                                                                               Enjoy the view of the lively harbour and have some typical hanseatic dishes. Fish in all variations or the traditional lobscouse are served in a cosy atmosphere.                                    Main dishes: 13-23 €; by taxi: approx. 20 minutes

Alt Helgoländer Fischerstube, Fischmarkt 4                                                                                    Close to the famous fish market you’ll find this fine restaurant. Try some fish dishes in a maritime atmosphere.                                                                                                                         Main dishes: 13-26 €; by taxi: approx. 15 minutes

La Vela, Große Elbstraße 2                                                                                                                 Mediterranean flair in front of the habour. Enjoy first-class Italian dishes on the patio with a look on the river “Elbe”. A big selection of Italian wines is completing the scenery.      Main dishes: 15-25 €; by taxi: approx. 15 minutes

Das Parlament, Rathausmarkt 1                                                                                                        Inside town hall you’ll get traditional German food, but also a variety of international meals.  Enjoy dinner or a cocktail at this very special location.                                                     Main dishes: 15-26 €; by taxi: approx. 10 minutes

Henssler & Henssler, Große Elbstraße 160                                                                                      The price winning sushi and the formidable fish-specialities of the brilliant cook Steffen Henssler are a straight seduction. Exciting and creative cooking in one of Hamburg’s top-locations.                                                                                                                                   Main dishes: 20-26 €; by taxi: approx. 20 minutes

Porto Novo, Alsterufer 2                                                                                                                     Italian hospitality and a unique atmosphere. Wild fish and exquisite wines are offered. Main dishes: 20-27 €; by taxi: approx. 5 minutes

Bullerei, Lagerstraße 34b                                                                                                                    Inside an old industrial hall the famous German TV-cook Tim Mälzer casts a spell on you with his fine dishes.                                                                                                                              Main dishes: 15-29 €; by taxi: approx. 10 minutes

BRAHMS Restaurant, Kajen 12                                                                                                         First priority is fish at Brahms restaurant. Hospitality on the highest level in comfortable surroundings.                                                                                                                                                                             Main dishes: 17-30 €; by taxi: approx. 10 minutes

Deichgraf, Deichstr. 23                                                                                                                         The „Deichgraf“ fits every cliché you could imagine for a Hamburg restaurant. A plain décor and a classic, modern hanseatic cuisine promises a enjoyable evening.                            Main dishes: 14-32€; by taxi: approx. 10 minutes

Jahreszeiten Grill, Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14                                                                                  The high-ranking hotel „Vier Jahreszeiten (Four Seasons)” offers some of the finest restaurants in Hamburg. At the „Jahreszeiten Grill”, you enjoy traditional specialities. Always modern, always trendy at a 20s art déco atmosphere.                                                     Main dishes: 15-100€; by taxi: approx. 7 minutes