Qualitative and quantitative network analysis: Triangulation with VennMaker

Michael Kronenwett & Markus Gamper
University of Trier

LIMITED to 20 Seats

This workshop will introduce in ego-centered network analysis and how to combine qualitative and quantitative network analysis (triangulation) with VennMaker. On the basis of short examples we show how to collect and analyze network data with this software tool. The participants learn how to make (create) questionnaires for ego-centered networks and how to configure so called digital network maps. Digital networks maps allow collecting network data on a visual level. In short exercises, the participants then carry out interviews with the program. Then we show how the collected data can be exported in Excel, Pajek and SPSS. All participants will get a full version of VennMaker. More information about this software is available at http://www.vennmaker.com