Mixed Methods Research Designs for Ego-centered Social Networks

Silvia Dominguez & Betina Hollstein
Northeastern University & Universität Hamburg

LIMITED to 25 Seats

This workshop will be conducted in two parts. The first part we introduce social network qualitative research and the principles of mixed methods research designs; we will review data collection and sampling procedures, analytical approaches, and triangulation strategies pointing out advantages and challenges of this approach. Illustrations of the theoretical and methodological aspects are given by bringing a variety of examples from sociological and demographic studies.

The second part is devoted to the presentation of concrete procedure to apply mixed methods in network research both at the level of data collection and analysis. There will be four modules: a) introduction of different graphical instruments to collect network data for ego centered networks and their strong and weak points b) quantitative and qualitative dimensions of network relationships c) the analysis of ego networks in a mixed method perspective (type construction, generalization questions) d) participants will be asked to join in a specific exercise designed to practice social networks in a mixed methods perspective.

The workshop will be conducted by Betina Hollstein and Silvia Dominguez who are working and publishing on social networks from qualitative and mixed methods research for several years. They have also co-edited a book Mixed Methods Social Networks coming out with Cambridge University Press.

In order to participate fully in the workshop, participants should read the papers which will be send to participants appr. two weeks before the conference begins. There are no other prerequisites for the attending the workshop.