Call for papers for a session on “Large Scale Networks Analysis”

at the 33rd Sunbelt Conference, May 21-26 2013 in Hamburg, Germany

The ubiquity of electronic communication, e.g., via telephone networks, Facebook or Twitter, induces a growing interest in the analysis of networks derived from such settings. The vast size of the involved data sources and the ease of creating network data from them lead to networks that are of substantially larger scale than “traditionally” considered data sets, i.e. large scale networks.

From the basic questions “how to get the data” (download), “how to handle the data” (network representation), “what to do with it” (research question and method) and “how to perform the corresponding analysis” (algorithms and visualization), this session is interested in methodic aspects of all these questions. In particular, we invite submissions concerned with:

– Algorithms widening the applicability of network measures to networks of larger scale.
– New methods of analysis tailored to large scale networks.
– Network visualization with a focus to large scale networks.
– Data-to-network processes for large scale dynamic networks.

Please submit your abstract by December 31 using the following link to the conference’s abstract submission system:                                                                                                     

Please limit your abstract to 250 words. During the submission process, you will be asked to select a session title from a drop-down box; please select “Large Scale Networks Analysis”. Please also place a note in the “additional notes” field referring to “Juergen Pfeffer and Uwe Nagel” as the session organizers.                                                                          The conference website ( provides additional information on Hamburg and the 33rd Sunbelt conference.

We look forward to your submissions.

Juergen Pfeffer, Assistant Research Professor School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University Wean Hall 4218