Introduction to UCINET and NetDraw

Rich DeJordy
Northeastern University

LIMITED to 30 Seats

A beginner’s tutorial on the concepts, methods and data analysis techniques of social network analysis. The workshop begins with a general introduction to the distinct goals and perspectives of network analysis, followed by a practical discussion of network data, covering issues of data collection, data entry, visualization of datasets, transformation of datasets and mathematical/computer representation using UCINET and NetDraw. We then discuss the interpretation and calculation of the most common measures of network centrality. An important element of this workshop is that all participants obtain hands-on experience working with UCINET 6 for Windows and NetDraw visualization software. In order to participate fully in the workshop, each participant should bring a Windows laptop computer (or Mac with a Windows emulator) to follow along and gain hands-on experience running the analyses as they are being demonstrated by the instructors.