Call for Papers for a session on “Family Networks”

Dear Colleagues

Sylvia Keim and I will organize a session on “family networks” for the XXXIII. Sunbelt Conference, May 21 – 26, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany.
We invite abstracts on theoretical as well as empirical work and appreciate different methodological approaches ranging from quantitative to qualitative and mixed-methods research methods.
Possible topics may include:

  • Family construction or the concept of family: How can a network perspective of dynamically changing family relations contribute to the discussion on changing and varying family patterns?
  • Union and family formation: How do personal relations and social support networks affect transitions to different stages in union and family formation? Do social networks have an effect on the transition to parenthood?
  • Family networks across the life course: How do family (and other) relations change across the life course? A special focus can be on specific life events as partnership formation, (re-)marriage, parenthood, separation/divorce, widowhood, children leaving home…
  • The effects of family ties in various research fields: What is the role of family ties and family support networks for e.g. individual health, education trajectories, (recovery from) drug addiction, criminal trajectories?
  • Intergenerational exchanges: What forms of social capital do intergenerational ties provide? Which financial transfers take place? How are they embedded in rules of reciprocity or solidarity? How are support for children and care of the elderly in “patchwork”-families organized?

We are looking for 250 word abstracts. The deadline for submission for the conference is December 31. We need to hear from you a bit earlier by December 20, 2012, so that we can organize the sessions.
You can find a longer version of our Call for Papers in PDF at:

We are looking forward for your abstracts, and please come back to us with questions at:

Andreas & Sylvia

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