Advanced Social network Analysis using UCINET and Netdraw

Martin Everett & Steve Borgatti
University of Manchester & LINKS/Kentucky

LIMITED to 30 Seats (This Workshop is already fully booked)

This is a 6-hour workshop for participants who already have some experience with network analysis, but would like to learn more. We cover advanced aspects of centrality, finding subgroups, and measuring equivalence. We also cover advanced techniques for analyzing network change and handling multiple relations, missing data, non-symmetric data, valued data and 2-mode data. Throughout, we demonstrate powerful,sometimes-undocumented features of UCINET and NETDRAW, including convenient ways of entering non-standard data. Note: what makes this workshop ‘advanced’ is the selection of topics, not the speed or complexity of the exposition. In other words, wherever practical, all concepts are explained from first principles, making as few assumptions about prior knowledge as possible. However, we do assume basic familiarity with UCINET as a pre-requisite for the workshop. Attendees are assumed to have UCINET downloaded and running on their laptops.