Advanced R Siena users’ workshop

Tom Snijders
University of Oxford and University of Groningen

LIMITED to 20 Seats

This workshop is intended for experienced users of RSiena, the package in the statistical software system R for analyzing longitudinal data of networks, and of networks and behavior.
A number of new features of RSiena, and some possibilities that may be considered advanced options, will be discussed and demonstrated.
The following topics will receive attention:

  • Goodness of fit checking with sienaGOF.
  • Selection and Influence tables.
  • Multilevel analysis of network dynamics.
  • Dynamics of two-mode networks.
  • Dynamics of multiple (multivariate) networks.
  • Dynamics of networks with ordered categorical tie values.
  • Depending on progress still to be made: the Settings model for dynamics of larger networks.

Participants are requested to check the SIENA website (Courses-activities tab) in the week before the workshop to download the workshop materials. Participants might consider bringing their own laptop with R and RSiena installed, and these materials available, such that some steps of the data analysis can be followed hands-on.

SIENA website: