Advanced Network Analysis and Targeting: A meta-network approach to identifying organizational risk and conducting ethical targeting

Ian McCulloh
Curtin University

LIMITED to 30 Seats

Meta-networks offer a rich data source including many different relationships among actors, resources, knowledge, beliefs, and more. Social networks are a subset of these networks. This workshop will expand traditional social network techniques, introducing techniques for analyzing multi-level networks, non-social networks, and networks occupying differing relational contexts (online, face-to-face, transactional, etc.). The use of relational algebra is demonstrated as a tool to extract multiple networks from limited relational data for further exploration. This workshop will also present a review of key grounded theory in social network development to guide analysts through network analysis. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate this approach applied to several knowledge-intensive organizations. Emphasis will be on organizational consulting and organizational risk. Applications for military targeting and law enforcement will also be presented.