Call for Abstracts for 3rd Track on “Words and Networks”

at 2013 Sunbelt Social Network Conference

We are soliciting abstracts for a special theme track dedicated to interdisciplinary, cutting edge research that brings together text analysis and network analysis. This track is part of the Sunbelt conference, which will be held in Hamburg, Germany, May 21-26, 2013 (

While text analysis and network analysis have evolved into mature yet still quickly advancing fields, work at their intersection is less prevalent. We are looking for theoretical, empirical, methodological and computational contributions that jointly utilize natural language text data and network data. By jointly considering text data and network data we can analyze networks along multiple dimensions of human behavior. This has facilitated eminent work on language change, the adoption of beliefs and sentiments, and collective problem solving through information propagation, to name a few areas. Presentations of innovative technical solutions that are freely available to researchers are also welcome. We invite submissions at the intersection of information/ semantic and social networks, for instance addressing questions such as:

  • Who is talking to whom (social network) about what (semantic network)?
  • How do information, opinions and rumors emerge, spread and vanish in society and online?
  • How can we extract and model the structure of socio-technical networks based on text data?

The overarching goal with this workshop is to bring together people that bridge the gap between text analysis and network analysis, and to discuss current advances and challenges in this area.

Abstract submission:
Deadline: December 31 at 11:59:59 EST.
Length: 250 words or less. This does not include the title.
URL: When submitting your abstract, please select “Words and networks” as session title in the drop down box on the submission site (this comes up during your last step of submission). To be extra sure please put a note in the “additional notes” box on the abstract submission form that states Diesner/ Gloor as the session organizers.
For more information on abstract submission and conference registration see

Track organizers:
Jana Diesner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Peter Gloor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We are looking forward to your contributions. We are looking forward to your contributions. Email any questions to or

Regards, Jana

Jana Diesner, PhD
Assistant Professor
The iSchool (Graduate School of Library and Information Science)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cell: 412 519 7576